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  • Compatible Wall Systems

    The Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System with ThermalClip® is compatible with continuous insulation systems (alphabetic order):


    • Atlas Roofing Corp – Atlas Wall CI Insulation
    • Dow Building Solutions – Styrofoam™ Cavitymate™ Thermax™
    • Firestone Building Products – Enverge™ CI Wall Insulation
    • Hunter Panels – Hunter XCi
    • IKO Industries – IKO Enerfoil Insulation
    • Owens Corning – Foamular®
    • Rmax® – ECOMAX CI Thermasheath®-3


    *Check with insulation manufacturer for exact spacing requirements.

The Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® is design to be used with the Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System.


This new break-through in masonry construction adds thermal-break technology to all of the advantages of the Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System!


Passed NFPA 285 Testing as part of the CavityComplete® Wall system. Click HERE for test data.



  • Snap on design locks the ThermalClip® to the barrel loop creating a thermal break between the wire tie and the Pos-I-Tie® Barrel Screw.


  • ThermalClip® also creates a dissimilar metals break allowing the use of Stainless Steel Ties or Stone Anchors with the Original Pos-I-Tie®.


Proprietary Plastic Material:

  • Decreases thermal transfer. The plastic has very low thermal conductivity; over 100 times less than metals such as steel.


  • Highly flame resistance with a UL 94 V-0 rating


  • Tolerant in “freeze-thaw” conditions


  • Tolerant of alkalines in mortar

Wire Ties

& Stone Anchors

The Original POS-I-TIE® is a very versatile system featuring interchangeable factory assembled screws for various back up walls.

Double Pintle Wire Tie:

  • Standard Tie lengths are 3", 3-1/2", 4", and 5".
  • They are available in 3/16 diameter Mill Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hotdip Galvanized After Fabrication.
  • Double Pintle Wire Ties can be modified with a 20 gage Seismic Hook tab for holding masonry reinforcement or pencil rod. These are factory welded to the Pos-I-Tie® Wire Ties and meet Seismic Zone requirements.

Double Pintle Wire Tie

#78 ThermalClip® Stone Anchors:

  • 1/8" thick Stainless Steel x 2" wide.
  • Pintles are 1-1/8" apart for placement into the ThermalClip®.
  • Vertical Adjustability is 1".

#78 Flat Split-Bend Stone Anchor

#78-S: Pintle Split-Bend Stone Anchor

Specify o.d. Length and Split Bends

  • #78-S Available Resources

#78-Z: Pintle Z-Type Stone Anchor

Specify o.d. Length and Bend

  • #78-Z Available Resources

#78-U: Pintle U-Type Stone Anchor

Specify o.d. Length and Bend

  • #78-U Available Resources

#78-P: Pintle Pin-Type Stone Anchor

Specify o.d. length, Pin Diameter, Pin Length, and Pin Location

  • #78-P Available Resources


Step 1

Step 2

Install the Original Pos-I-Tie® into the backup wall using a chuck adapter and power drill.

Insert the ThermalClip® as shown and fold over the head of the Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchor.

Step 3

Step 4

The ThermalClip® is secured both sides are clipped into place.

Insert the pintle wire tie or stone anchor into the two holes of the ThermalClip®.

Test Data


The Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® was fully tested in 2014 as part of the CavityComplete® Wall System. The test was conducted by Architectural Testing (ATI) and witnessed and listed by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). The CavityComplete® Wall System successfully completed the 30 minute NPFA 285 fire exposure/propagation test and passed, therefore, the Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® passes as part of the system. No individual product can pass or fail NFPA 285 testing, only an assembly of products is tested. To suggest the Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® does not pass NFPA 285 testing is simply inaccurate.

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