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  • Compatible Wall Systems

    The Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt is compatible with continuous insulation systems (alphabetic order):


    • Atlas Roofing Corp – Atlas Wall CI Insulation
    • Dow Building Solutions – Styrofoam™ Cavitymate™ Thermax™
    • Firestone Building Products – Enverge™ CI Wall Insulation
    • Hunter Panels – Hunter XCi
    • IKO Industries – IKO Enerfoil Insulation
    • Owens Corning – Foamular®
    • Rmax® – ECOMAX CI Thermasheath®-3


    *Check with insulation manufacturer for exact spacing requirements.

The Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt is designed for easy and effective stone anchor attachment where sheathing/insulation is installed over the backup wall.


The KeyBolt penetrates the sheathing, drills into the backup and seals the hole to avoid water/air penetration.


All compression loads are transferred to the backup through the KeyBolt without damaging the sheathing.


Available in Stainless Steel.


When ordering, specify the type of stone anchor with “KeyBolt Slot."



The Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt is made up of 3 components:


  • (#1) Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Barrel (including 2 Hex Nuts and EPDM Washer)
  • (#2) Barrel Screw (Self Drilling Screw, Concrete/CMU Screw, or Structural Steel Screw)
  • (#3) Anchor with KeyBolt Slot

Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Barrel:

The Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Barrel is design to drill through the sheathing of an exterior wall and directly into the backup wall. It is available in 8 lengths to accomodate defferent sheathing thickness.


Please contact us to determine which barrel length is appropriate for your wall.

Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Barrel

Barrel Screw:

The screws for the Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Barrel are a part of the system; therefore, no inferior screws can be substituted. The barrel is manufactured of ZAMAC 3 - a 92% zinc alloy. The screws are heat treated and copolymer coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Self Drilling Screw

Self Drilling Screw for steel stud backup walls. Extra long screws available for special applications.

Concrete/CMU Screw

Concrete/CMU screw for Concrete, CMU, ICF, Wood, & Brick backup walls

Structural Steel Screw

Dril-It® Self Drilling Screw for Structural Steel Beams up to 1/2"

Anchors with KeyBolt Slot:

The Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt is used with a stone anchor or pinlte plate anchor that is fabricated with the "KeyBolt Slot".

Various anchors can be fabricated with a "KeyBolt Slot."


Please contact us to determine which anchor is recommended for your particular application.

274-KB Split Bend

Stone Anchor

275-ZKB Z-Type

Stone Anchor

275-UKB U-Type

Stone Anchor

276-KB Pin-Type

Stone Anchor

274-KB Pintle Plate

With Wire Tie


Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Installation Video - Steel Stud Backup Wall

Step 1

Step 2

Install the Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt through the insulation and into the backup wall using a power drill and standard 5/16" hex driver.

Pass the large keyhole opening of the stone anchor over the head of the Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt. Set the stone anchor so that the small keyhole opening sits between the two hex nuts.

Step 3

The ThermalClip® is secured both sides are clipped into place.

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