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Construction Specifer
Magazine article "Preventing Safety Failures" October2006

UFGS - Federal Specification
(2.13.5 Bar Positioners
Page 36, Included since February 2011)

New York State - OGS Specification
(2.03B Bar Reinforcement Page 5 Included Since 2000)

"Original Telescoping Rebar Positioner"™ (TRP)

Increases productivity by eliminating overhead lifting of heavy block over rebar. Allows for shift load transfer in J-hooked rebar bond beam configuration. The STEEL-WICH™ (TRP) is a balanced system that holds rebar in place while installing the next course of block. Reach down, turn rebar 90°, pull rebar up into place and turn 90° again to lock rebar.

The STEEL-WICH™ (TRP) eliminates need to grout block wall cores in sections, and allows for a monolithic pour of grout (important in seismic zones). Minimizes rebar waste by an accurate and secure placement method and provides superior structural strength by precise location of vertical reinforcing steel. The STEEL-WICH™ (TRP) allows for full realization of the tensile strength of the rebar, thus meeting specified building code and design requirements (superior splice joint). Promotes ergonomics, increases jobsite safety, and helps prevent impalement injury. Preserves block integrity, helps eliminate blowouts, provides containment within vertical core, and prevents grout waste. The STEELWICH™ (TRP) Adjustable Rebar Positioner can be used to retrofit rebar in hollow unreinforced CMU walls.


Material: AISI C1065 Galvanized Carbon Spring Wire

Patent No. 6240688, 6141937
Made in the USA

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  Advantages For Using The "Steel-Wich Method"
  • Increases a Mason's Productivity and Reduces Labor costs, with NO overrun costs whatsoever!
  • No Overhead lifting of heavy block over Rebar, "No Rebar in your face"!
  • Ability to install reinforcing steel with limited overhead clearance through the use of "Telescoping Rod Action".
  • Eliminates Rebar Waste, by accurate and secure placement method.
  • Provides superior structural strength in masonry wall construction by precise location of vertical reinforcing steel.
  • Full tensile strength of rebar may be realized, thus meeting specified building codes and designs.
  • Eliminates the need to grout block wall cores in sections and allows for a monolithic pour of grout.
  • Block integrity preserved, no waste of grout, controls the flow of grout, and provides containment within the vertical core.
  • Selective vertical and horizontal positioning of rebar possible, ensuring natural and mechanical bonds with grout.
  • Allows vertical Rebar to "cross" horizontal bond beam rebar at the top of masonry walls.
  • No problems with mechanical systems interfering with reinforcing steel.
  • Customize Rebar reinforcement on every job, without the extra cost.
  Sizes Available
  There are currently 3 Steel-Wich™ sizes available for various sizes of rebar.
Heavy Duty
Steel-Wich™ Size
Rebar Size
#3, #4, #5
#5, #6
#7, #8


Steel-Wich® Wall Usage Chart

24 Lineal Foot Wall (Total # trp's required)
Total Number of TRP's Required 5'4" - Key Wall Height
8" OC 16" OC 24" OC 48" OC 6' Rebar  
288 152 104 56 8 48'
252 133 92 49 7 42' - 8"
216 114 78 42 6 37' - 4"
180 95 65 35 5 32'
144 76 52 28 4 26' - 4"
108 57 39 21 3 21' - 4"
72 38 26 14 2 16'
36 19 13 7 1 10' - 8"
Steel-Wich™ Installation Video

Steel-Wich™ Installation at Walmart Jobsite

  Steel-Wich™ In The Media
Brad Dressler promotes the use of his invention, the Steel-Wich Telescoping Rebar Position to New York Governer David A. Paterson. He urges the Governer do what he can to help the city move away from antiquated building methods to methods that are safer and more cost effective.

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