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Heckmann Building Products, Inc. has been producing quality masonry anchors and ties since 1923!
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Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring Solutions offer a variety of products for almost any masonry project...big or small!

The Pos-I-Tie® is leading the industry in innovation!

Learn more about what the Pos-I-Tie® family has to offer!
Custom stone anchors are our specialty!

We manufacture stone anchors according to your specifications using top quality materials.

Our Stone Anchor Specialists provide extensive knowledge to make sure your construction project is supplied with the proper anchors.

Heckmann Building Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now a part of the amazing CavityComplete™team!

We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry to offer you the industry's best complete masonry cavity wall system.

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Adjustable Anchor Systems
Anchor Bolts
Anchor Plates

Band Iron Tighteners
Bent Plates
Brick Veneer Anchors
(see application index below for different wall backups)
Break-Away Anchors
BrickVent™ Moisture Control System
Buck Anchors

Ceiling Inserts

Cell Vents
Channel Slot Anchors
Channel Slots Systems
Column Anchors
Concrete Block Inspection Inserts
Construction Joints
Control Anchors
Corrugated Wall Ties

Dovetail Anchors
Dovetail Anchor Slot
Dowels & Caps

EPDM Thru-Wall Flashing
Eye Rod Anchors

Fiberweb® Thru-Wall Flashing
Firewall Anchors
Flashing Reglets
Flashings (Metal)
Flash Trac Flashing System

Glass Block Accessories
Groutless Wall Anchor

Horseshoe Shims - Metal and Plastic

Insulation Fasteners

SteelWich® Telescoping Rebar Positioner
Stone Anchors
Strap Anchors
Strap Bolts
Structural Steel Anchors

Termination Bar
Tent Stakes

Threaded Inserts
Thru-Wall Flashing
Tongue & Groove Joints
Triangle Ties
Twist-On Column Anchor

Wall Ties (Corrugated)
Wall Ties (Wire)
Web Ties
Wedge Inserts
Weep-Thru Mortar Deflector
Weep Tubes
Weld-On Clips
Weld-On Rods & Anchors
Wire Mesh Wall Ties
Wire Wall Reinforcement

Joist Pin Anchors
Joist Hangers

Ladder Rungs
Ladder Type Wall Reinforcement
Lateral Support Anchors
Lead Shims

Masonry Wall Stabilizing Anchors
Melt-Away Anchors
Mesh Ties - metal and plastic
Moisture Control Systems

Panel Anchors
Pin Anchors
Plastic Horseshoe Shims
Plastic Square Shims
PlateGrip™ Embed Plate Holder
Pos-I-Tie® Solutions
Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt Anchor
Pos-I-Tie® Original
Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip®
Post Bases

Rebar Products
Remedial Ties
Restoration Anchors
Rigid Steel Anchors
Rod Anchors

Screw On Stone Anchors
Seismic Anchors
Shelf Angle Inserts
Spiro Tie
Spring Loaded Dowels
Stabilizing Anchors
Stake Pins
Steel Stud Anchors

  Find Products by Application:
Steel Studs Backups
Pos-I-Tie® Self Drilling Steel Stud System
Additional Steel Stud Anchors
Concrete, CMU, or ICF Backups
Adjustable 2 piece systems
Non-Adjustable anchors
Masonry Backups
Anchors for Masonry to Masonry
Structural Steel Backups
Vertical Columns - Flanges Parallel to Wall
Vertical Columns - Flanges Perpendicular to Wall
Horizontal Columns - Flanges Perpendicular to Wall
Welded to Beam
Masonry to Wood
Anchors for Masonry to Wood

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